Great success for the Crucians in Beijing

Dresden Kreuzchor receives thunderous applause in China

Bravos and standing ovations: The Chinese audience warmly welcomed the Dresden Kreuzchor in Beijing. Saxony’s extremely likeable ambassador and important representative of German culture was enthusiastically received by an audience of 1300 people at the Centre for the Performing Arts in the middle of the Chinese capital. “This top venue of Chinese culture was an important milestone for the choir,” says conductor Peter Kopp. The 36 Crucians, presenting a programme encompassing 800 years of choir history as well as European folksongs in front of a riveted audience, were called back out for two encores. “The three Chinese songs we included in our repertoire as a special tribute to our audience were naturally a major highlight.”

The concert in Beijing will be repeated tomorrow (Monday) at the Music Concert Hall and represents one of the Dresden Kreuzchor’s eight performances in ten days. At the start of the tour, the Crucians gave their debut in Suzhou. They will perform in two more concerts at the internationally renowned Shanghai Arts Festival. This is the Kreuzchor’s second Chinese tour after 2013.

For the first time, the tour will be continually accompanied by a film crew, which will record the important stages of the tour and broadcast them in the new “Kreuzchor-TV” format. The Youtube channel can be found here: We will be glad to provide you with moving image material if required.